I was in 7th grade when I received my first camera.  It was a Kodak disk camera and you would have thought I was handed a million dollars. Think view master viewers, with the tiny negatives on a little disk.   I’m pretty sure if you look through my albums, the photos looked a little like the grainy photos of Big Foot.  It didn’t matter to me though,   I was hooked from the start.  I became the family photographer, faithfully documenting the lives of my siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews.

While in college, I met a lifelong friend, who was taking our family photo.  She convinced me to apply for an opening on staff.  Somehow, she made it look fun to wrangle and photograph 10 little ones.  Turns out, it is fun.   Clearly, this is what I was supposed to be doing.  

These days, I am mom to 3 of the most photographed children alive.  They, and my ever patient husband humor me whenever I feel the need to get “one more shot”.  I'm never without my camera, whether I'm out with my family, in a field chasing after a giggling 2 year old, in a serene park with a perfectly coiffed senior, or in a theater watching incredibly talented performers make a story come alive.  I love that every day in my job is unique to the people I have the privilege to photograph.

Although I promise that the days of grainy disk film photos are over,  I still love it as much as I did when I was 12.